Mr. Falcon's Web Nest


At least it's not as bad as E.T.

There are 3 game versions of Mr. Falcon to download. None of them require the others to be played first. Each game's "story" (if you can call it that) starts from it's own beginning.

Mr. Falcon v.1

This was the original creation. It was written in one week in QuickBasic.

Feb. 6, 1994
61 kB

Download Mr. Falcon v.1

Mr. Falcon v.2

This was a second shot at creating a video game. The first game became a hit with some of my friends in high school, so I created a longer, more involved game. (That's relatively speaking, of course.)

July 23, 1994
94 kB

Download Mr. Falcon v.2

Mr. Falcon v.3

This is the latest version to date. It starts from the beginning, before Peter McKay becomes Mr. Falcon. There is an actual story to this game. Things have to be done in the right order. You MUST pay attention to what the text boxes tell you, and you MUST use your brain to figure out what it means you have to do. (The first box tells you you're a police officer, and you're almost late for work. Therefore, you should immediately look for the police station locker room.)

Oct. 21, 1995
82 kB

Download Mr. Falcon v.3

System Requirements

These games require at least MS-DOS. So, any incarnation of Windows that has MS-DOS should work.

If you run something other than Windows, ie: Mac OS X, or Linux, or BeOS, then you will need DosBox to run Mr. Falcon. (I still recommend downloading this for Windows systems these days.)

Since these games come in zipped files, you'll need an unzipper. If you have Linux, or Mac OS X, or any other good OS than you should already have an archiver. If you have Windows, you may need to download one. Try Winzip or PKWare.